MacDonald House, Lake Ainslie, NS
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Alexander MacDonald, a weaver, left the Isle of Mull in Scotland, and settled in East Lake Ainslie in 1823. The original land grant totaled 518 acres. The MacDonald homestead contained a store and post office and was of great importance to the local community in providing news, staples of life and a means for farmers to sell their goods to the growing population of Eastern Canada.

MacDonald House Museum is operated by the Lake Ainslie Historical Society with assistance from the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage.

MacDonald House Museum

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Hours of Operation

Late June - early September

Tuesday through Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Admission charged

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Trans Canada Trail  - Bealach Breagh, through Lake Ainslie.  Visit the Great Trail Map  and enter Bealach Brèagh Lake Ainslie Trail in the search box.

MacDonald House also offers parking for trail users during the summer months.  You may park in our lot and access the trail by a path through our woods.  Signage is available to show where you are on the trail map.